Photo Capture by Peter Zuvela – Photography at Greg James Sculpture Studio Gallery

Greg James Sculpture Studio Gallery is located in J Shed, Bathers Beach Fremantle, WA, and has been since 1992. Greg has developed this space to be a highly efficient and productive sculpture studio, which has seen the creation of many works including the intimate sensual nude, windswept fishermen, the heroic soldier and the iconic rock star.A viewing gallery and deck overlooking the busy studio, is open to the public, and features sculpture drawings and paintings by Greg James, as well as other artists work.

The gallery is available for hire, and often hosts exhibitions including photography, sculpture, ceramics, paintings, wood work and more. Shipping, transport and installation of sculpture can be arranged, and clients have the opportunity to rent a sculpture or purchase a sculpture with our flexible time payment options.Greg is available to provide group talks and presentations for those interested in learning about sculpture and his work specifically.

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